Welcome to Planet K. We are an innovative company determined to give you the programs you want at the prices you want to pay.

1) What can we do for you?

  • We develop custom web applications that can change your existing web site look and feel.
  • Our team of professional programmers will ensure you of high quality products.

  • Nothing is too big or small.

  • We will develop with your vision in mind.

  • With many tight deadlines we will do anything to provide you with your web application as discussed when ordered.
  • 2) When will it be delivered?

  • With many tight deadlines we will do anything to provide you with your web application as discussed when ordered.

    3) What does it cost?

  • Prices start from as little as £5.
  • All Prices for custom scripts are negotiable.

  • Our Vision:
    Is to provide the best and affordable soloution for our clients. To make a partnership to help one and another. We believe that in life everyone needs help, and if we all stick together we will get to the top even quicker. Our partners range from a variety of different people from around the globe, who programe for a living to people who code for the fun of it. We hope to one day to be the best company on the internet which helps freelancers get money from thier hobbies.
    Latest News:

  • After months of research, Planet K is proud to announce that it has moved into the domain name market.
  • Both Renegade and Nitro-Gaming have been sold by Planet K.
  • Planet K Premium

    When you join Planet K Premium you will have access to to an entire library of resources and special areas full of information that can help any website or business succeed.
    Learn more about the Benifits!
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    "Since purchasing a custom script we have increased targeted traffic to our web site by more than 50%! That's because we have hot information of what our visitors are looking for. I strongly recommend Planet K products and services to everyone interested in running successful online business!"
    -Tony Anderson

    "I haven't one bug in the scripts I bought from you. I have purchased scripts from many other people and none of them beat your great coding and support. Keep up the great work, and you'll have me as a customer for life."
    - Daniel Hull

    "My website was running very slow and my clients were leaving so i took my problem to Planet K and within 3 hours they sorted out my scripts and made them run 3x faster than before."
    -Bill Malls

    "I was looking around the internet for the cheapest price for my website, and Planet K were the cheapest i could find. For the price I got everything i wanted just the way I wanted."
    - Chris Butler

    "Thanks to Planet K my online game became better with moe features so players would never get bored."
    - Shirley Moon

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